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LS207 Acid-Type Deoiling Agent

LS207 Acid-Type Deoiling Agent

LS-207 acid-type deoiling agent is a new concept of products, which can be used for industrial metal degreasing and deoiling. This product contains special organic solvents and surfactants, that makes it has a unique effect degreasing on saponification and unsaponifiable fats. It can be watered separately, used as room temperature degreasing, it can also be directly added to the acid solution, thus allows degreasing, rust in one time, and can inhibit the mist, to prevent excessive corrosion, extending the service life of acid.


LS-207 acid-type deoiling agent


Appearance: colorless or milky white liquid
Density: 1.10±0.05g/ml 

 Processing Method

Dipping or spray    
Processing area: around 80 square meters

Storage sump and spray equipment’s materials

The material can be carbon steel or stainless steel(anti-corrosion  lining); switch, nozzles, piping and pumps should be made by stainless steel.

A. Degreasing → ​​washing → washing → post-processing (no rust cold plate process )

B.Degreasing, descaling → ​​washing → washing → post-processing(with rust or oxide plate process )