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LS202 Stainless Steel Cleaner

LS202 Stainless Steel Cleaner

LS-202 Stainless steel cleaner is formed by inorganic acids, organic acids, degradation surface active agent, chelating agent, corrosion inhibitor and other components. It can remove the metal surface grease and dirt in a relatively short time, it is such an indispensable product for metal processing and surface treatment. With the increased processing of the workpiece, the bath oil will also increase. When the oil content reaches a certain limitation, it will affect the degreasing effect. That may cause the oil does not clean, oil spots and other problems, then will affect the conduct of follow-up . Therefore, dealing with a certain amount of material each time, at the same time, it should also response to bath processing or replacement.

Characteristics & Technics

LS-202 stainless steel cleaner


Acid colorless transparent liquid, it can be soluble with water

Specific Gravity


Total Acidity


Storage sump

LS -202 cleaning agent 5% and water.





Total Acidity


Total Acid: Put sample 10ml in the flask, add phenolphthalein indicator 3-5 drops, titrate 0.1M NaOH solution until it turns to light red, the total NaOH consumption ml volume is the total acidity point.
Each additional 3.4 kilograms per cubic meter, increase of the total acidity.