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LS205 Deoiling Ding

LS205 Deoiling Ding

LS-205 deoiling king is a new generation of ultra-low temperature industrial metal effects addition to oil, can be an alternative to traditional high-temperature degreasing and temperature degreasing. It is a kind broad-spectrum degreasing, degreasing cleaning agent can be well applied to saponification or non- saponifiable oil, metal and nonmetal. It has excellent treatment effect on all kinds of steel plate surface oil at very low temperatures, the product has good stability in industrial applications, can operate large area processing, with low cost, no environmental pollution.



LS-205 deoiling king


Appearance: milky white;Shape: ointment

Processing Mode

Take artificial scrub, impregnation, spray processing(add appropriate antifoamer when take spray process)

Liquid pool and spray equipment’s materials

The material can be thick-walled plastic panels or low temperature carbon steel(anti-corrosion  lining); switch, nozzles, piping and pumps should be made by stainless steel.

Drugs and equipments for detect

Drugs: indicator,phenolphthalein;
titration solution : 0.1MHCl;
Instruments: pipette-10ml;
burette: 50ml;
triangular beaker : 250ml;
Processing area ( as Anshan Iron board) :220- 260 ㎡

Degreasing → ​​washing → washing → post-processing .